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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Berlin Germany Outrage People International Assembly Democracia Real Ya

International group Berlin

General assembly, Am Lustgarten
Asamblea general, Lustgarten
Generalversammlung, Am Lustgarten

Next Berlin General Assembly will take place at Lustgarten next Monday, July 25, at 7pm

A wave of outrage is currently prompting the people around the world to band together and take action to bring the power back where it belongs. We are really tired of seeing how unfair the world is and we think that a better world is possible.

Focusing in our case, we realized the significant role Berlin has in that, a very international city full of people coming from different cities, races or cultural backgrounds trying to live together, through respect and tolerance.

Many of the people living here, feel close to the movements resulting from this wave of outrage, as many of us feel that the problems are the same in the different countries, have a common origin, and therefore a common solution.

The main objective of this international group is to join the people that share this feeling in order to establish a net to unify forces taking action locally, without being under any political party or ideology. We all love Berlin and there are many problems to solve, more important than any personal belief.

A group of people have organized a kick-off meeting next Monday (July, 25st), where you are more than welcome. We meet for the first time to discuss about our goals, organization and anything we might come up with. The meeting will take place at 19:00 in General assembly, Am Lustgarten, here in Berlin.

We are posting this invitation because we are looking for conscious people, who are aware about current social problems and also have a really strong conviction that a change is possible. If you like this idea you could help us in two ways:

- If you live in Berlin we would like you to come, meet us and … hopefully join us.
- If you know people in Berlin that would be interested, it would be great if you could please pass them this information.

The first meeting will be held in English. But if you do not feel comfortable with this language there are people that speak many other languages (German, Spanish, Greek, French, Turkish…) and would help you with the translations.

We hope to see you and/or your friends.

General assembly, Am Lustgarten
Asamblea general, Lustgarten
Generalversammlung, Am Lustgarten
Facebook Event: Facebook Event Asamblea general / Generalversammlung / General assembly

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