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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

World Revolution Greek Resistance Biggest Demonstration Mass Protests! Global Solidarity! Livestream StopCartel TV

Tomorrow another historic day starts for Greece... today was without doubt the biggest demonstrations that Greece has ever seen... People were demonstrating even in small towns in the Greek islands and even in villages all the shops were closed! Tomorrow we continue... Reports are calculating that in total up to 900.000 people were on the streets across Greece with Athens having about 500.000 people on the streets. Keep in mind that the international media are saying 50.000-70.000 at the syntagma square alone! but all the streets around were full!

Once again the media focus on the violence, but if you see the big picture and the numbers the violence that was caused by a few hundreds of people is like a needle in the stack... The truth be told most of the Greek people are in the edge of becoming violent against the police and maybe each other... the rage has grown in them so much that it can explode any day now... I do not know if this is good or bad, but it is a fact

Watch live streaming video from stopcarteltvgr at livestream.com

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