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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Greek Sovereign People Warning To Troika IMF ECB EU Banks Gangsters Investors and Other Mafia

A warning to Troica, banks and investors
Ημ/νία Συνέλευσης:

Warning against the Troika, the banks and local or foreign prospective investors who covet Greece’s public property.

The revoked and dictatorial Greek government that does not represent the people of this country has just voted for bills, with which it intends to sell Greek public property and land against the will of the majority of the people.

We would like to inform those who consider this a potential investment opportunity that we shall not delay overturning this government which will soon account for its crimes against the people and the country. The government’s signatures and bills are legally void. The Greek people have not ratified them and by all means do not recognize them.

We warn every prospective investor not to even think of approaching an auction or sale of public property or land, and not even to consider buying it. Besides the fact that, as soon as we regain our country’s sovereignty, the investor will lose all purchased, the money spent for the illegal trade will not be reimbursed.

We also warn every prospective investor that until we regain control of our country, we will recur to all necessary actions via our self organization to annul and sabotage every investment, so that we defend our rights as these stem from the Greek Constitution and the internationally recognized rights of the people.

Therefore, we warn all prospective investors not to dare go bargain shopping for our public property and land in Greece, unless they realize the high risk of their investment. In the above case, the investment will be considered “welcome” in the country where, when somebody deprives the people of their freedom, they can give birth to a Kanaris¹ or demolish a bridge in Gorgopotamos².

The People’s Assembly of Syntagma Square 03/07/2011

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