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Monday, 25 July 2011

Tahir Square Egypt Support Rally for Syria Real Democracy Now Movement:Thousands Rally in Tahir Square Video 7-21-11 Egypt World Revolution

Egypt Support Rally for Syria Democracy Movement - Thousands Rally in Tahir Square 7-21-11

Thousands Rally in Egypt's Tahrir "Freedom" Square to support the Syria Revolution movement for Democracy and Freedom.

Thanks to our Egyptian brothers and sisters. You ( and people of Tunis ) have been an inspiration for rest of Arab peoples, and the res of the world to revolt against tyrants. The whole world watched ( and is still watching) how the Arab Spring surprised everybody by peaceful tsunami of Arab revolutions. We promise that after this hot summer will be the Fall of Dictators where Saleh, Assad and Mr. Zanga Zanga will join Bin Ali and Mubarak.

All world will change after this.

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