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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Video: Syria Fascist Police Brutality Brutal Arrests in Syria at "Freedom for Prisoners" Rally Homs City July 15 2011

Brutal Arrests in Syria at "Freedom for Prisoners" Rally - Homs City July 15 2011

Tragic Irony in Syria - Arrested at a Rally where the theme for todays protest is "Freedom for all Detainees in Syria" of which there are about 20,000 political prisoners. The Syrian dictator Assad is busy arresting, torturing and killing thousands more protesters in Syria today, even as he just wrapped up a phony regime orchestrated "Dialogue" conference where he pretended to be interested in "reforms" The lying dictator periodically comes out with various proclamations to try to calm the anger inside Syria and to give the International community an excuse to keep pretending he is a "reformer" who just never gets around to reforming anything - There will never be any reform from the regime in Syria - Assad must and will be overthrown and hung like Saddam was in Iraq -
video clip is from Syria - july 15 -Homs أوغاريت حمص , التعامل الوحشي للمطالبين بالحرية , يسأل بدكون حرية ؟؟؟

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