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Monday, 17 October 2011

OWS, Attack, Revolt! American Banks NAZI Fascism Police Violence! People Arrested Cause Want Close CitiBank Accounts And Money Back


Twenty people wanted to close their accounts @ City Bank. It's believed that five were arrested.

Group of Citi Bank customers attempt to close accounts as a form of protest- 2 dozen are locked inside bank until police arrive, 5 cops take down woman
American Banks NAZI Fascism Police Violence People Arrested Cause Want Close CITIBANK Accounts And Money Back

they were all customers of city bank. They were all going to close there acount. Even tho they went in as a group why should they be arrested they all had legitimate business. This is a messed up system were people are getting arested for doing legal actions with symbolism. So there only crime was trying to close there acounts because they felt that occupy wall st had a point.

We can see in this video, that: Citibank Criminal Banksters, and The NYPD, kidnapped, and force that lady inside the bank.
The NYPD, was suppose to help the lady in the video, not help the bank commit the crime of Kidnaping!!!

A comment wroted on DRY 15 October International Mobilization Take the Square Anti-Banks Global Protest, that shows the real american situation, that, in fact, is the same as the European.
All for the Banks Banksters Gangsters, the Evil 1%, and taxes, and taxes, and more taxes for the people, the 99%, that is geting unsleaved by Evil Banksters.

BIG BANKS are destroying our community while WORKING FAMILIES are struggling to make ends meet Big banks like Bank of America took billions of ou tax dollars, but refuse to pay their own taxes. We bailed them out, yet we’re the ones being forced out of our homes. While the CEOs rake in millions in salary and bonuses, working families continue to struggle. In fact, janitors in over 20 cities across the country are uniting on to fight for better wages and working conditions. Over the next year, negotiations that will impact the wages and benefits of tens of thousands of janitors across the country will be taking place, including contracted janitors that work in downtown Providence. Providence’s janitors will be rallying in solidarity with other working families to hold banks accountable and fight for an economy that works for all. Stand up against banks like Bank of America that are bankrupting our community and to push for an agenda that puts us, the people, first! Join us to say NO to big banks and YES to working families. R A L L Y in downtown Providence Wednesday, September 28 @ 4:00pm Bank of America building at 111 Westminster St.

This is why we fight and organized the May 15, the June 19 protests against the Euro Pact, and the OCTOBER 15 Global Mass protests for real democracy.





They are the 1%!

When Injustice Becomes Law, REVOLUTION BECOMES DUTY!

Quando a Injustiça se Torna Lei, REVOLUÇÃO É UM DEVER!

Cuando la Injusticia sew Torna Lei, Revolucion es Un Dever!

Eveen Jesus Resid Up Against the Banksters Bankers Money Traders and put them out of the Temple

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