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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Portugal International: Finland UK Don't Support IMF ECB Europes's Bankrupcty Bailout's

 I am Portuguese, and i love Finns.... I love love Finnish people come here spend their hollidays... and I go out at night with them... they are so sweet, cultured, intelligent, nice, beautiful... really cool people.

We, the real portuguese, apreciate that finns and all others EU people and countries d'ont suport this mobster bailout operation, and d'ont suport thjs IMF ECB Bankers Bailout...
We are proud of being Portuguese but not for any of those nonsense things (mostly inaccurate) of the video some corrupt politicians put out in Portugal to Finland.

The reason Portugal is in the need for assistance is because the whole political class, from the President all the way to the Municipal level are corrupt and irresponsible spenders of the tax payers money. No other country has as many fringe benefits for all their political class as Portugal.
Portugal is not in need of the IMF... Portugal is in need of a revolution!
We publish this to shamefull display the ignorance shown by our countrymen, instead of uniting with the Finns to fight against the predators of both our economies They like to get into petty battles which lead to nowhere...

Shame on us!

What Portugal needs to know about Finland

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