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Thursday, 29 December 2011

AntiSec LulzXmas LulzOps LulzSec Anonymous Hackers Defaced Copseek.com: Data Leaked

Anonymous take down Copseek.com

CopSeek.com, who is a claims to be a Police & Law Enforcement Directory has become a target and major victim in operation antisec.

Anonymous hackers have announced that they have dumped a fair bit of data from the site as well as leaving it defaced. In the defacement is a message a video from Eazy-E.

The data that was dumped is user accounts and has emails and passwords all of which are encrypted.

The attack which was alerted and carried out by LulzOps via twitter.

The mesage:
Fuck A Pig, Killa Cop Fuck a Fed.. Come at me #Fed » »

#anonymous – #antisec » » Run this internet shit

At the time of publish, about 24hrs after it was first hacked the site was still defaced, slow admins seem to be on holidays even thou websites never take holidays and neither do clients.

The defacement:

The leak


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