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Sunday, 25 December 2011

EU, US, UK Criminal Banks Financial Terrorists Attack Behind Ireland Greek Portugal Italy Spain Economic Crisis! Says Max Kaiser

EU, US, UK Criminal Banks Financial Attack Cause Ireland Greek Portugal Italy Spain Economic Crisis

'US, EU banks behind economic crisis'

European Commission chief says the EU could face the "biggest crisis in its history," and called for a financial transactions tax and the creation of eurobonds to fix the bloc's economic crisis.

Interview with Max Keiser, Journalist and Broadcaster

BY PressTVGlobalNews em 28/09/2011

Keiser is exactly right, this economic crisis has been engineered, The Bilderberg group met earlier this year, the next weekend Irelands Peter Sutherland who is a famous bilderberger also known as the godfather of globalisation announced that "Ireland must cede more power to the EU" to save us from the economic crisis. Classic Problem Reaction Solution method.

EU experiment is failing so now is the time to embrace the failure and let everyone go down with the Titanic. Brilliant! Nothing but corrupt bankers running the FED and the EU

Everyone owes money to everyone else, this is a staged event, so Its not only just down to the US / EU banks but the IMF "world bank!" Its all banking system.

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