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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

UK Revolution: Banks Gang Corrupt Politicians Mafia Austerity Mesasures Result: Violence Spreads in United Kingdom RT America Video

UK Riots Revolution Origin Banks Gang Puppet Goverment Police Brutality People Betrayed By Politicians RT America Video
Violence spreads in United Kingdom

Monetary economics creates classism (inequality), corruption, pollution, and waste of our resources all in the name of increasing profits.
Any economy using money is just a power scheme.

We need a real economy that provides for all human beings, and maintains balance with the environment. We need a Resource Based Economy.

The way things are going I predict a race war will happen not only in the UK, but in all world, soon.

Last night Alex Jones was playing up "race" in this aspect of the riot .....don't fall for it. Anyone in America planning to riot....two words....FEMA camps. Stay calm and hold the elite's feet to the fire instead...don't let the diversion happen the way they want it to. United we stand.....

Russia Today America RTAmerica video: Violence spreads beyond London

For 5 days now hordes of people have been looting and rioting in protest of the killing of an unarmed man, Mark Duggan. Many are concerned about the security of London and fear that the local authorities won't be able to control these mobs. Now the London riots have sparked other riots in other parts of the country. According to some reports the murder of Duggan was just a catalyst to a culture of other underlined issues. Michael Ruppert, founder of the Collapse Network, gives us his insight on what's going on in London.

Violence spreads beyond London

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