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Sunday, 7 August 2011

RealDemocracyNOW Spain: DRY Democracia Real YA Call To Barcelona Hub Meeting 15-18th Sept

DRY Democracia Real YA Call to Barcelona Hub Meeting 15-18th Sept

Dear friends and mates,

For those of us who have experienced 15M movement firsthand, last weeks have been intense. Our daily life has been happily colonized by radical and diffuse political practices, which has been capable of initiating the debate and showing the advanced state of decomposition of representative politics and its servility to economic interests.

Today, new mobilizations are occurring in many places which continue with the long fall of fighting and struggle against austerity policies and the later spring of revolts in

blossom in Iceland and the Mediterranean shores.

Next autumn, lots of real conflicts will cross the world. Attempts to stop radical and democratic movements in the Arab world, and the sanction of austerity policies in Europe, are the closest examples to us. But we know they are not the only ones. We are experiencing together an attack to global society which targets existence as to make it precarious in the name of a very restricted and dominant elite interests.

In the European frame, all these austerity and cutting policies directly affect the foundations of different forms of the European welfare state, which in spite of their differences are the result of many previous struggles. The rights we currently enjoy were not granted by the dominant political class throughout the time. It was social movements, as the proletarian, which achieved the incorporation of a more human and fair perspective of society through mobilizations and other actions. Nobody has given us anything for free; we cannot tolerate anyone to snatch the political and social conquests accomplished so far. We have a historical

legacy to defend together.

Because of these reasons, we are working, from the different DRY (Democracia Real Ya!) nodes, on the global mobilization on October 15th against austerity policies and to build real democratic practices from the bottom up. We would like October 15th to be a territory, inhabited and shared by many people, colectively built, where we can denounce the crisis of power and start building concrete alternatives against material conditions and precariousness of lifestyles.

We consider this to be done through meeting and debate among multiple networks, social movements and processes, which are challenging power arrogance in this common struggle cycle. That is why we propose building up a meeting together from 15th to 18th September. A kind of Hub Meeting where we can talk about this cycle of mobilizations and find possible connection, collaboration and convergence joints between the struggles in which we are taking part.

Because of all above stated, we offer, from Barcelona, to provide the necessary infrastructure which allow us to carry out the meeting and therefore to be able to share analysis, perspectives and strategies to design together a long fall against a global power which each and every day seems, in our opinion, closer to its own twilight.

The different networks, groups and movements, which want to take part in this meeting, will be also able to organize parallel and autonomous meetings everyday. They will have access to the necessary logistic means as places to gather and accommodation, etc (yet to determine)

To make the set-up of this meeting the most collective possible, we suggest that you use, as a shared space, the group “15S Hub meeting”:


To access this tool you must first log on at https://red.democraciarealya.es/ and join the “I” team where the “15S Hub meeting” subgroup is enabled.

As a first way to organize preparatory work, we suggest the following categories: Participating Groups and Networks; Contents; Working Methodology; Logistics and Calendar.

Participating Groups and Networks: a list of participants with a brief introduction.

Contents: collecting proposals of workshops and issues threads.

Methodology: proposal and discussion of working methodologies with the tool online and for the meeting itself.

Calendar: organization of days and times of the meeting.

Logistics: available and necessary resources to carry out the activities and their management.

If you are interested in participating, we’ll appreciate if you can send us an email to 15ShubMeeting@gmail.com in order to construct a list of participants (and their networks) and to planify the resources that we need.

Hoping to meet you in Barcelona, and on the net,

Best wishes,

DRY Barcelona

DRY appears in January 2011 as a citizen mobilization platforms coordinator within a context influenced by the silent Icelandic revolution, the Arab spring and the European mobilizations cycle against austerity policies, which are being implemented as an excuse for their necessity in the context of the current economic and financial crisis, which affects all of us. In this frame, DRY called for a first demonstration last May 15th (15M) to denounce that “we are not merchandise in bankers and politicians hands”. With this mobilization, the precarious ones -workers, students, pensioners, inmigrants…- and different social groups took politics back from the violence of Capital. DRY has actively participated in the “#acampadas” (campsites) movement. DRY supports and actively works on the building up of mobilizations on October 15th on a global level.

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  1. I hate this crisis. All countries are trying to handle the situation but it's getting worse. In Bulgaria everybody is criticising the government but nobody offers a solution or something. Call Ireland.


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