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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

United Kingdom Violent Revolution Protest David Against Golias London Birmigham Liverpool Burning On Hell Fire Apocalypse-Now Scenario Russia Today Video

Riot Madness Spreads Across UK RT Video Report Birmingham London Hackney London Liverpool On Fire Hell On United kingdom Apocalypse Apocalyptic Scenario Video real-News Russia Today
United Kingdom Violent Revolution Protest. David Against Golias

Riot madness spreads across UK: RT video report from Hackney, London

Violence, vandalism and looting has now spread from London to Birmingham and Liverpool. In all three cities rioters are clashing with police, torching buildings and cars. It follows unrest over the weekend after a 29 year-old-man was shot dead by police.

Another attempt to cover up a murder committed by the police? Mark Duggan did not open fire at the met police. The met police shot Mark Duggan twice once in his chest then again in his arm which killed him.FINALLY A FAILED ATTEMPT TO COVER A MURDER BY POLICE.

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