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Saturday, 6 August 2011

RealDemocracyNOW Takis-Fotopoulos Inlusive Democracy Project Talks About Markets Employment And Multinational Corporations Neoliberalism

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Real Democracy NOW:Takis Fotopoulos on the Working Class Movement

This is a multi-part video interview with Takis Fotopoulos, the founder of the Inclusive Democracy project, on the rise of the neoliberal phase of modernity (mid 70s - now) and the consequent emergence of neoliberal globalisation, which was established formally in UK with the rise of Thatcherism and in US with the rise of Reaganomics, although the systemic structural trends for it took off much earlier, with the opening of markets and the huge expansion of multinational corporations.

Takis' interview is set about many aspects of Systemic Violence, both indirect and direct, against the vast majority of people around the world and especially in Britain, which were established or expanded throughout the now-omnipresent neoliberal/social-liberal consensus: From the (never-ending) war on "terrorism" to the true nature of May '68 and from the Working Class movement to Academic Repression, this is an important multi-part interview for every citizen who would like to know the history and nature of what the Reformist Left and the mass media call just "neoliberal politics", in a simplistic, if not suspicious, way , disorienting people from the crucial fact that, as long as markets remain open and liberalised, governments of countries integrated into the system of the internationalised market economy will have to follow basically the same policies, either they are conservative, or "socialist", green or fundamentalist.

Takis Fotopoulos on the Working Class Movement

30 March 2010
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