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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Awareness: NASA Emails Employees Preparadness Emergency Plans 2011

Awareness: NASA Emails Employees Preparadness Emergency Plans 2011, URGENT , NASA
URGENT NASA Emails Employees Prepare Now 2011

NASA tells all employees to PREPARE NOW.

A major initiative has been placed on Family/Personal Preparedness for all NASA personnel. The NASA/Family Preparedness Program is designed to provide awareness, resources, and tools to the NASA Family (civil servants and contractors) to prepare for an emergency situation. The most important assets in the successful completion of NASA's mission are our employees' and their families. We are taking the steps to prepare our workforce, but it is your personal obligation to prepare yourself and your families for emergencies.

Listen to Administrator Bolden's thoughts on why it's important that we "know our stuff" and "be prepared".

Administrator, Charles F. Bolden, Jr. Video.

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Awareness: NASA Disabled People Special Needs Emergency Plan Supply Kit Download

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Awareness: NASA Employees Preparadness Emergency Plan Supply Kit Download Page

Awareness: NASA Preparadness Pets Emergency Plan Supply Kit Download Page



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