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Saturday, 17 September 2011

OCCUPYWALLSTREET TakeWallStreet: New York Best Free Wifi Hotspots

"the best free wifi hotspots in new york"

openwifinyc.com is the most reliable, up-to-date guide of free and open wifi hotspots in New York City. Enjoy free wireless internet access from dozens of independently reviewed wi-fi cafes, restaurants, parks and public spaces throughout the city. No usage fees, no sign-up, no trial periods. Just great free wifi.

Hotspot Name Address Neighborhood Type
NYPL - Battery Park City 175 North End Avenue,NY,10282 Battery Park City Public Library
MANGIA - Chelsea 22 West 23rd Street,NY,10023 Chelsea Cafe
Chelsea Market 75 9th Ave,NY,10011 Chelsea Public Space
Antique Cafe 55 West 26th Street,NY,10010 Chelsea Cafe
Ost Cafe 441 E 12th St,NY,10009 East Village Cafe
Bowery Hotel 335 Bowery,NY,10003 East Village Hotel
Vinny Vincenz 231 1st Ave,NY,10009 East Village Restaurant
B Cup 212 Avenue B,NY,10009 East Village Cafe
New York Film Academy Cafe 51 Astor Place,NY,10003 East Village Cafe
Yushi Sushi 250 Vesey St,NY,10281 Financial District Restaurant
British Memorial Garden Hanover Sq,NY,10005 Financial District Park
Winter Garden World Financial Center,NY,10281 Financial District Public Space
Bravo Cafe 52 Broadway,NY,10004 Financial District Cafe
Starbucks - Hanover Sq 110 Pearl St,NY,10005 Financial District Cafe
60 Wall St Atrium 60 Wall St,NY,10005 Financial District Public Space
Bowling Green Bowling Green,NY,10004 Financial District Park
Fresco on the Go 114 Pearl St,NY,10005 Financial District Cafe
NYPL - New Amsterdam 9 Murray Street,NY,10007 Financial District Public Library
Vietnam Veterans Plaza Water Street,NY,10004 Financial District Park
Financier 62 Stone Street,NY,10004 Financial District Cafe
City Hall Park City Hall,NY,10007 Financial District Park
Au Bon Pain - 222 Broadway 222 Broadway,NY,10038 Financial District Cafe
Battery Park Battery Park,NY,10004 Financial District Park
witchcraft - Flatiron 11 East 20th Street,NY,10003 Flatiron Cafe
Bonobo 18 East 23rd St,NY,10010 Flatiron Cafe
Cosi - 700 6th Ave 700 6th Avenue,NY,10011 Flatiron Cafe
Cosi - 257 Park Ave South 257 Park Ave South,NY,10010 Gramercy Cafe
Gregory's Coffee 327 Park Ave South,NY,10010 Gramercy Cafe
Sunburst 206 3rd Ave,NY,10003 Gramercy Restaurant
witchcraft - Village 60 East 8th Street,NY,10003 Greenwich Village Cafe
Tea Spot 127 Macdougal St,NY,10012 Greenwich Village Cafe
Cosi - 8th St East 53 East 8th Street,NY,10003 Greenwich Village Cafe
Gizzi's Coffee 16 West 8th St,NY,10011 Greenwich Village Cafe
Think Coffee 248 Mercer Street,NY,10012 Greenwich Village Cafe
NYPL - Jefferson Market 425 6th Ave,NY,10011 Greenwich Village Public Library
Cafe One 1619 Amsterdam Ave,NY,10031 Haarlem Cafe
Barnes & Noble - Lincoln Center 1972 Broadway,NY,10023 Lincoln Center Cafe
At65 Cafe - Lincoln Center 1941 Broadway,NY,10023 Lincoln Center Cafe
Earthmatters 177 Ludlow St,NY,10002 Lower East Side Cafe
Dunkin Donuts - 2nd Ave 166 2nd Ave,NY,10003 Lower East Side Cafe
Sugar Cafe 200 Allen St,NY,10002 Lower East Side Cafe
88 Orchard 88 Orchard St,NY,10002 Lower East Side Cafe
NYPL 5th Ave - Rm 315 476 5Ave,NY,10018 Midtown Public Library
Cosi - 3rd Ave 685 3rd Ave,NY,10017 Midtown Cafe
Cosi - 45th St 38 East 45th Street,NY,10017 Midtown Cafe
witchcraft - Midtown 555 5th Avenue,NY,10017 Midtown Cafe
Algonquin 59 West 44St,NY,10036 Midtown Hotel
Guy & Gallard - 7th Ave 469 7th Ave,NY,10018 Midtown Cafe
NYPL 5th Ave - Rm 108 476 5Ave,NY,10018 Midtown Public Library
Cosi - 48th St 61 West 48th Street,NY,10020 Midtown Cafe
Waldorf Astoria 301 Park Ave,NY,10022 Midtown Hotel
Guy & Gallard - West 38 St 245 West 38 Street,NY,10018 Midtown Cafe
Cosi - 42nd St 11 West 42nd Street,NY,10036 Midtown Cafe
Guy & Gallard - 6th Ave 1001 6th avenue,NY,10018 Midtown Cafe
NYPL - Mid Manhattan 455 5Ave,NY,10016 Midtown Public Library
Barnes & Noble - Midtown 160 East 54th Street,NY,10022 Midtown East Cafe
witchcraft - Park Ave 245 Park Ave,NY,10167 Midtown East Cafe
Yushi Sushi Park Ave 245 Park Ave,NY,10167 Midtown East Restaurant
Juan Valdez - Lexington Ave 480 Lexington Avenue,NY,10167 Midtown East Cafe
Juan Valdez - Midtown 140 East 57st,NY,10022 Midtown East Cafe
Bryant Park 1080 6th Ave,NY,10018 Midtown West Park
Penn Station - Waiting Room 7th Ave,NY,10001 Midtown West Public Space
NYPL - Donnell Library Center 20 West 53rd Street,NY,10019 Midtown West Public Library
NYPL - 58th Street 127 East 58th Street,NY,10022 Midtown West Public Library
Guy & Gallard - Madison Ave 28 East 34th Street,NY,10016 Murray Hill Cafe
Guy & Gallard - East 34 St 120 East 34 Street,NY,10016 Murray Hill Cafe
Williams, Roger 131 Madison Ave,NY,10016 Murray Hill Hotel
Silo Cafe 31 East 32nd St,NY,10016 Murray Hill Cafe
Cosi - 461 Park Ave South 461 Park Ave South,NY,10016 Murray Hill Cafe
NYPL - Science Industry & Business 188 Madison Ave,NY,10016 Murray Hill Public Library
Pier 17 South Street Seaport,NY,10038 South Street Seaport Public Space
Barnes & Noble - Tribeca 97 Warren St,NY,10007 Tribeca Cafe
Blue Spoon Coffee 76 Chambers St,NY,10007 Tribeca Cafe
Kaffe 1668 275 Greenwich St,NY,10007 Tribeca Cafe
Whole Foods Cafe Tribeca 270 Greenwich Street,NY,10007 Tribeca Cafe
Peace and Love Cafe 378 1/2 Greenwich Street,NY,10013 Tribeca Cafe
witchcraft - Tribeca 397 Greenwich Street,NY,10013 Tribeca Cafe
Pecan 130 Franklin St,NY,10013 Tribeca Cafe
Barnes & Noble - Union Sq 33 East 17th Street,NY,10003 Union Square Cafe
Orchard House Cafe 1064 1st Ave,NY,10022 Upper East Side Cafe
Metropolitan Museum of Art 1000 Fifth Avenue,NY,10028 Upper East Side Public Space
Barnes & Noble - UES 150 East 86th Street,NY,10028 Upper East Side Cafe
Gotham Coffee House 1298 2nd Ave,NY,10021 Upper East Side Cafe
NYPL - 67th Street 328 East 67th St,NY,10021 Upper East Side Public Library
Choux Factory 1685 1st Ave,NY,10011 Upper East Side Cafe
NYPL - Columbus 742 10th Ave,NY,10019 Upper West Side Public Library
Barnes & Noble - UWS 2289 Broadway,NY,10024 Upper West Side Cafe
Tasty Cafe 2062 Broadway,NY,10023 Upper West Side Cafe
Cosi - Broadway & 78st 2186 Broadway,NY,10024 Upper West Side Cafe
Gigi Cafe 2067 Broadway,NY,10023 Upper West Side Cafe
Grounded 28 Jane St,NY,10014 West Village Cafe
Condesa Cafe 183 West 10St,NY,10014 West Village Cafe
Soy Luck Club 115 Greenwich Ave,NY,10014 West Village Cafe
Ditch Plains 29 Bedford St,NY,10014 West Village Restaurant

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