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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Egypt Revolution Release Hydrocracking Catastrophe Project: One Million Killed by Egyptian Refining Company

TAHIR DOCUMENTS WEBSITE: The Hydrocracking Catastrophe, Arab Pring, Arab Revolution, Egyptian Refining Company in Musturud
The Hydrocracking Catastrophe (A Project of One Million Killed)

by the Egyptian Refining Company in Musturud

Gamal Mubarak is the real owner of the Egyptian Refining Company, which according to its description is one of a group of companies held by Citadel Capital. His associates are Ahmad, son of the writer Muhammad Hassanayn Haykal, and Marwan Nabil ‘Abd Allah al-’Arabi—Egypt’s foreign minister—as well as others.

* After his father failed in politics, governance, and in securing his succession, Gamal Mubarak has come to kill our future generations with cancer, and he continues to plunder our money and resources with the cooperation of ‘Abd Allah Ghurab, the current minister of petroleum and the right hand of Samih Fahmi.

* The environmental effects of the project, to be undertaken within days (The Project of One Million Killed):

First: The Atmospheric Emissions from this Project: They consist of harmful, dense gases like carbon dioxide, which will be dispersed in the atmosphere in amounts reaching up to forty tons daily; large quantities of poisonous gases, like twenty-nine tons daily of carbon monoxide and 202 kilograms daily of sulfur dioxide; gases contributing to acid rain, for example, 33.7 tons daily of nitrogen oxide; as well as greenhouse gases like methane; and dangerous organic compounds like hydrogen sulfide gas — the most dangerous poisonous gas in existence.

*** Its effects: First, with regard to the people of neighboring areas like Musturud, al-Khusus, Shubra al-Khayma, and al-Khanka, the emissions lead shortly (within a few months) to various cancers, infertility, the loss of embryos or their deformity, and chronic asthma. As for the residents of Greater Cairo, in the long run (several years) they will experience the same maladies.

Second: despite the problems Egypt now faces with regard to water from the Nile, this project was approved. Yet it consumes enormous amounts of water from Isma’iliyya’s waterways, which are the source of water for several of the treatment plants from Musturud to Isma’iliyya governorate. As such, they are also the source of water for all agricultural lands in these regions. The Egyptian Refinery Company intends to draw its water for cooling from the Isma’iliyya waterways at the rate of:

2,600 cubic meters every hour = 155 thousand cubic meters daily = 155 million liters daily

Third: After using these enormous quantities of water in the cooling and refining of hydrogen for fuel, large amounts of organic waste and liquid compounds are to be disposed of in the waterways of Isma’iliyya at a rate of 1.5 million gallons daily. These are among the most poisonous and dangerous gases in existence, and they will eliminate all the living beings in the Isma’iliyya waterways and destroy all of the agricultural land up to Isma’iliyya. These organic wastes will react with chlorine from the water treatment facilities from Musturud to Isma’iliyya, leading to a human catastrophe for all who drink from the water. It will directly cause humans to contract deadly diseases.

This project will cause wide environmental destruction, according to the environmental report released by the Institute for Environmental Studies at ‘Ayn Shams University and authored by the most important scholars in this field:

1. Dr. Ahmad Mustafa al-’Atiq / 2. Dr. Hisham Ibrahim al-Qassas / 3. Dr. Taha ‘Abd al-Azim Muhammad ‘Abd al-Raziq

* And there are many questions for ‘Abd Allah Ghurab, the current minister of petrol and the right hand of Samih Fahmy:

1.Why did you move quickly — after the revolution — to implement this catastrophic plan despite the fact that the deal was signed years ago?

2. For whose benefit are you hiding the suspicious sale of Musturud to gigantic oil companies, at a price of 106 pounds per meter paid to the Egyptian Refining Company? Those are the companies that heap billions upon the state treasury each year!!!!!!

3. Why are you hiding the millions of dollars that the Egyptian Public Authority and the Egyptian banks paid to the Egyptian Refinery Company, as Japanese and Korean banks refused to fund this catastrophic plan?

4. And finally… do you not fear God’s wrath as you present deadly cancers that will sicken the children of Cairo when this project is implemented?


Acquired 8 April 2011

Translated by Cameron Hu

Translation reviewed by Emily Drumsta

Source: TAHIR DOCUMENTS WEBSITE: The Hydrocracking Catastrophe

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