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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Arab-Spring Israel Acampada Rothschild Boulevard Telavive Real Democracy Now World Revolution

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 Spread of Arab mass protest moves to Israel

Arab Spring Spanish Revolution "Indignados, Democracia Real Ya, Toma La Calle", "Democracia Verdadeira Já" Portuguese Revolution "Indignados, As Ruas São Nossas", Latin Revolution,  European Uncut Real Democracy Now movements hits Israel and becomes World Revolutio.

Arab Spring or European style discontent? Israel is the latest scene of nation wide mass protests. Thousands are taking part in rallies to demand the government provide cheaper housing, and lower the cost of living. The biggest protest yet, centred in Tel-Aviv, is planned for Saturday night. RT talks to Aziz Abu Sarah, a Palestinian-Israeli journalist

Anger Tsunami: Mass protest wave reaches Israel

nstrators will take to the streets in seven cities across the country. And activists hope the rally in Tel Aviv alone will attract half-a-million people. Thousands have been camping out across the country for about a week now, calling for social justice and for Prime Minister Netanyahu to go. RT's Paula Slier is in Tel Aviv

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