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Monday, 1 August 2011

RealDemocracyNOW Rise Up America Take The Square NWO Greek Austerity Measures Coming To USA: Wake Up America Join WorldRevolution

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Greece scenario to repeat for the US?

Austerity measures in Greece triggered violent protests on the streets. The situation is nearly out of control and some predict that, if the violence continues, the casualties could lead to a governmental collapse.

Meanwhile California just passed a round of austerity in response to its budget crisis. They are cutting or postponing billions of dollars to schools and healthcare programs for the poor and are increasing fees to nearly 9 billion dollars. Nationwide, Congress is struggling to stop piling onto the 14 trillion-plus dollars of debt and raise the debt ceiling.

Demetri Kofinas, financial journalist from New York, joins RT's Lauren Lyster from Athens to discuss the issue.

NWO Austerity coming to the US soon. Prepare Now

Greece riots. Glenn beck would like you to think that these are all communists and anarchist protesters. He is preparing his followers to stand down when the same austerity comes to our nation. When protests and riots come to our streets due to this New World Order take over Beck and other media will call you a anarchist or communist. Do not be fooled.

On Russia Today- Greece Riots Coming To America

We need a peoples rebellion against the workings of all people in power be it the government, the big banks and multinationals. IT ALL NEEDS TO COME DOWN. THIS CAN'T GO ON LIKE THIS!

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