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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Real Democracy Now: People Take The Square Against Free Market Fascism Dictatorship Machine

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Thake The World Back To People! Take Back Africa! Take Back Asia! Take Back Australia! Take Back Europe! Take Back Midle East!
Enough is Enough! Fight The Machine! Reclaim The Streets and Squares! Reclaim Your Freedom! Take The Streets! Take The Squares!

The World is Ruled by Free Market Fascism Dictatorship Machine.

"Free market fascism is only sustainable free market system. Free markets are inherently unstable. It's not bad thing in itself. But business cycles create unemployment which can lead to revolution or destruction of capital by government to create demand for excessive human supply(e.g. Great Depression). If being poor and unemployed was a crime then revolutions/destruction of capital wouldn't happen.

First country to adopt free market fascism will experience huge economic growth because bourgeoisie will be able to exponentially accumulate capital and replace obsolete human workers with machines without any government intervention to protect proletariat. In the end such economy will reach 90-95% of world GDP. Everyone else will be mere exporters of natural resources because people's sustainable economies won't be able to compete with free market fascism."

Austrian monetarists free market capitalism fraud leads to replacement of humans by machines. Wages don't grow in free market capitalism. Humans are obsolete. Goal of economy is to eliminate all jobs.

Free Markets Goal is: Mass Murder Population Reduction

the elitists want the whole world for themselves. They want to eliminate the rest of us who they refer to as “useless eaters.” They want to return to what they call a “Post-Industrial Society” the type of society that existed before the Industrial Revolution. According to them, the middle class must be eliminated to leave only two classes: the Rich - - - and the slaves.

Enough is Enough! Fight The Machine! Reclaim The Streets and Squares! Reclaim Your Freedom! Take The Squares!

15th october: WORLD (R)EVOLUTION: Take the streets

Take back europe

The only way that the World will wake up is if we all take responsibility to spread the facts of what is really going on.

The Media in Mainstream divide the people by not covering what is really going on..So we the people who are aware need to evolve and put the message out ourselves to the masses and come together to stand up against this Tyrannical oppressive treatment of our fellow brothers and sisters across the Globe.

No matter who you are, where your from, what color your skin is or what your beliefs are. Our greatest enemy is a reckless, bankrupt, useless financial system. Let people know that this is going on! Share, post on facebook, email to you friends.


15 October WORLD (R)EVOLUTION: Take the streets Take The Squares! Reclaim Your Freedom!

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