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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

15-O, DRY, USDOR: Uncut Activists Brutality Arrested at OCCUPYWALLSTREET Anti NWO Protests

15-O, DRY, USDOR, Revolution, Arab Spring, Portuguese Revolution, Spanish Revolution, Greek Revolution, Italian Revolution, Brasilian Revolution, Asia Revolution, World Revolution, Money, Police, Bank, Uncut Activists Brutality Arrested at OCCUPY WALL STREET  Anti NWO Protests
Breaking news: US Uncut Organizer, Justin brutaly arrested by NYPD at Wall Street protests #OccupyWallStreet while speaching.

Inocent people arrested for no reason by the USA New World Order Fascist NAZI Police State, criminal Bankers puppets.

There was no coverage on the corporate media: CBS, CNN, FOX, BBC, ABC, RTP, SIC, TVI, TVE, GLOBO, RTL, TELE 5...

Fascist State Police arrests this morning 20th sep 2011 OCCUPY WALL STREET

NYPD has arrested this morning innocent people violently with no reason in Liberty Plaza.

OCCUPY WALL STREET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please come and join us! We need you here!

The more people we are, the stronger we get!!!!!


This kind of fascist criminal actions taken by the police (Bank Bankers Banksters Gangsters Mafia puppets paid with citizens money), against peaceful people, are appenning everywhere: Siria, Egipt, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Angola, Mozambique, Morocco, Argel, Saudi Arabia, Israel, India, Philippines, Brasil, Mexico, Chile, All South America...

This must stop and reclaims a Global awakening and a call to Action to join forces together to Rage Against The Machine.

Its, Us Or Them!

So, We must join forces, join all Freedom Fighters, Uncut, Real Democracy Now, Deemocracia Real Ya, Democracia Verdadeira Já, 15M, 15O, Spanish Revolution Portuguese Revolution, Greek Revolution, Italian Revolution, Arab Spring, J14, Anon, Lulz and mobilize thogheter at October 15, Iceland Revolution Style, Global World Revolution Against Banksters and Make Them Pay Their Crisis.

Power to The People!

Greetings and Take The Square, Take Wall Street, Crack Down Wall Street, Abolish the FED, Crack the Empire.

Rage Against The Machine #OccupyWallStreet #TakeWallStreet #MarchaBruselas #MarchToBrussels #Indignado #outraged #Indignant #Indignati #Indigna-Te

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