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Sunday, 18 September 2011

GlobalRevolution OCCUPYWALLSTREET: ArabSpring SpanishRevolution PortugueseRevolution New Constitution Speech

Peoples Assembies  Style like Tahir Square Arab Spring Spanish Revolution Portuguese Revolution Greek Revolution European Revolution World Revolution Global Resistance Movement come to USA America GlobalRevolution OCCUPYWALLSTREET New Constitution Speech Wall Street New York Peoples Assembies  Style like Tahir Square ArabSpring SpanishRevolution PortugueseRevolution GreekRevolution EuropeanRevolution WorldRevolution
USA America new constitution speech #occupywallstreet

Everyone was taking turns speaking out wit ideas on the occupation... this was one of the more meaningful speeches.

USA America #GlobalRevolution #OCCUPYWALLSTREET New Constitution Speech Wall Street New York Peoples Assembies  Style like; Tahir Square #ArabSpring #SpanishRevolution #PortugueseRevolution #GreekRevolution

New York Occupy Wall Street ABC News

This was ABC NYC news reporting tonight at the park. Where we camp and occupy wall street in preparation for Sunday events.

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