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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Occupychi OCCUPYWALLSTREET Anonymous Chicago GlobalRevolution Take The Square USA For RealDemocracyNOW

Calling all concerned citizens of Illinois and surrounding areas to Chicago!
Our country has a massive income gap. USA is classist, sexist, and racist, and we're sick of it.

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These are the CURRENT route plans

Please give me tips, watch for changes:

THIS FRIDAY, the 23rd, Rally - 9am Sears Tower (Willis Tower)
March 12pm - West Adams to Michigan, Michigan to Monroe, south on LaSalle
Rally - outside of Federal Reserve Bank on Jackson/Lasalle
General Assembly 3pm
- the purpose of the General Assembly to the OccupyWallStreet movement is one of discussion. Assemblies are held to learn about each other’s views and talk about what our demands should be for our country.
March ? LaSalle to Monroe to Michigan
Rally and overnight - Michigan/Millenium Park

Occupy Chicago Facebook
Occupy Chicago Twitter

Occupy Chicago Facebook

Occupy Chicago Twitter

For more information:
Occupy Chicago Website

Occupy Wall Street (National)

Take the Square (International)

If you think you can help in anyway PLEASE send me a message, or email me at chicagotakeswallst@gmail.com

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